About US

About US

The Public Authority for Minors Affairs has humanitarian goals and a noble message, the Authority was established in 1939 in the era of the late, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Prince of the State of Kuwait, in order to provide the custody of those who haven’t any guaradian, including the minors, the interdicted, the incompetent, and the missing persons, and to keep their money and properties safe. And it’s an independent body with legal entity and supplementary budget, and it shall be subject to the supervision of the Minister of Justice. This Authority has all the powers conferred on the guardian or the supervisor and shall be obliged with the duties prescribed pursuant to the cases.

The Authority shall undertake the following:-

  • Custody of Kuwaiti Minors who have no trustees.
  • Stewardship over the Kuwaiti incompetents, incapacitated persons, and absentees whom the court has not appointed a trustee to manage their money.
  • Supervision of the actions of trustees if the court entrusts it to do so.
  • Management of the money of the thirds entrusted on it.

The Authority’s Role in Serving the Society

The Authority’s role isn’t restricted to its financial and social objectives for the minors and the like, but its role goes beyond that to include its external environment as one of the effective institutions in the society and according to its belief in the humanatarian aspect and its historical depth that forms its long journey in this field.

Everyday the number and groups of those who are covered under the auspices of the Authoritu, are increased, and at the same time their capabilities and abilities are varied between the capacity and need… the Authority seeked to adopt new roles in the society service filed, and they can be summarized as follows:

  • Cooperation with the Zakat House with regard to the offering of aids for the needy families inside the State of Kuwait.
  • Donation for the benefit of the Prosthetic Limbs Department to help the patients of the Center.
  • Contribution to the project of the breakfast banquet during the holy month of Ramdan.
  • Donation for building the mosques from the thirds quarter of the recommended philanthropy.
  • Provide the aids of different kinds for those who are under the auspices.
  • Donation for the benefot of the Kidney Center.
  • Contribution to establish a men’s division in the hospital health care from some of the philanthropy
  • Provide the financial support to the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs to build mosques.
  • Contribution to the orphan projects.
  • Contribution to the project of hospital health care for the cancer patients.
  • Contribution to the Anti-hepatitis C project.
  • Provide the financial support for the students of the special needs schools to establish a laboratory for treating the audiovisual diseases.
  • Support the charitable projects across the State of Kuwait.
  • Cooperation with the field training, PhD , and master students of the Kuwait University and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training with regard to the preperation of their field researches and training.
  • Contribution to pass the Authoirty establishment decree as the basis for a standard format for the law of the minors’ care in the GGC.